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Have you ever felt trapped? I was out doing my outdoor workout the other day and walked past this Allstate office. I once worked for this fine company for a
Check out this latest training on getting creating with notes.  If you’re interested in learning more about notes, partials, non-performing, performing, raising private money, syndication, brokering, cash flow and more,
There is beauty to buying bulk properties but you have to understand the risks involved. In this episode, Kevin Shortle interviews real estate investor and entrepreneur Ben Fredricks where he
Wait, did you just read that right? You really CAN make money from real estate investing without owning a single property.   Stick with me here, keep reading, and I’m
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Hey investors!  Let’s talk collaboration.  What does it mean exactly?  It’s defined as:  “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.”  I’ve had some amazing collaborations this
It’s a trip to get older.  There are days you think “well, this sucks” and then there are days where it’s peaceful and you can feel gratitude for the experiences