Owner Financing Application

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We look forward to reviewing your application!

There are a few things to note before proceeding:

  • You will be purchasing the property “as-is” and that you will be responsible for any liens, back taxes, repairs, etc.. If there are any taxes owed on the property, you will be responsible for bringing them current in order to close.
  • A Processing Fee of $50.00 must be paid in order to process all Owner Financing applications. After submitting the information below, you will be immediately directed to our Processing Fee page to complete your transaction.
  • If you are applying for financing in your personal name, Dodd-Frank Underwriting Compliance is required. You will be invoiced for them as your file is being processed.
    • Initial submission: Processing and credit pull $119 (invoiced after receipt of package)
    • Approved loans: Underwriting fee $380 (invoiced & due upon approval)

If you have questions about the Owner Financing process, visit our FAQ page here.

For a review of the Owner Financing process, click here.

If you have already completed an Owner Financing Application and you need to access the Processing Fee payment page directly, click here