Summer is here!  It got me thinking back to being a kid and all of the games I used to play.  I lived outdoors during the day until the street lights came on and then would come in to spend dinner and time with my family.

My parents and Grandparents owned investment property and this was my quasi-introduction to learning the ins and outs of real estate.   My Grandma picked me up the game Monopoly at a garage sale and I started to learn how money and leverage worked in real estate (although my main objective was to beat any adult that played me).  My daughter is 4 and I’ve begun teaching her and it’s so much fun to watch her get excited about getting rent from me or my wife when we land on her property.

Real estate is a game, that’s all it is.  I’m aware that it can be an intimidating game. I was intimidated for years and on some deals I look at, I definitely still get butterflies.  It’s natural, but what I’ve learned is that the more I move in the direction of fear, the more confidence I build.

The following is the formula for success in this business in my opinion:

1. Educate yourself

2. Take massive action daily

3. Don’t quit taking massive action

4. Make mistakes and learn from them

5. Implement systems

6. Raise private money

7. Level up your network

8. Be the hardest worker in the room

9. Set big goals

10. Have fun!

If we can help you grow your real estate holdings this year, or even just get started, reach out to us!  We’re here to help and add value in any way we can.