Have you ever felt trapped? I was out doing my outdoor workout the other day and walked past this Allstate office. I once worked for this fine company for a couple of years and it got me thinking about how far I am from the person I was when I was there. I felt completely trapped in a career I hated.

I did a good job for the company and quickly became one of the top sales people in the area. I qualified for trips to Vegas, Key West, New Orleans and I won several awards. It would have been safe to stay with Allstate, and I’m sure I could have risen through the ranks had I stayed there, but I knew I couldn’t. I had zero passion for the industry. If you’ve ever driven your car to a job and wondered to yourself “why am I even doing this?”, I can totally relate.  I did it for nearly a decade.

I’m so thankful for the work we do now.  I feel genuinely happy to come and work on our business every single day. It’s hard work to build a company, and on some days, there’s a tremendous amount of stress that comes along with it. I wouldn’t trade any of it though. I wouldn’t even trade my time at Allstate because it shaped who I am today.

The short of it? Never settle. Life’s too short to work on someone else’s dream. Focus on what you want and get after it like there is no tomorrow. Just make the jump!  You’ll be glad you did.