The world is a tough place.  The world is a beautiful place.  Do you see the difference in those two statements?  Read them out loud and see how they make you feel inside.  I guarantee one is more satisfying than the other.  One thing that has resonated with me over the last couple of years, is just how easy real estate is.  Does it come with challenges?  Of course!  What doesn’t?  I like to look at it as a game though.  We can’t remember what it was like to learn to walk and today, most of us just take it for granted.  We can do it and it’s easy.  At one point, it was hard and today it’s easy.  Why is that?  The easy answer is that you kept at it and practiced every day.

Anything we do in life can be looked at as easy if you think about it.  It may start off hard, but at some point it will get easy.  That little shift in mindset, can make problems feel more like challenges.  They can make negative outlooks more positive.  They can make your outcome better overall.  If you’ve been sitting on the sideline of investing in real estate because you think you cannot do it, your mindset just needs a slight shift.  It will come with challenges at first, but experience will begin to make it easier for you.  The first step is to take massive action.  Get a mentor, take a course, read a book.  More than that, go look at real estate!  Figure out what a deal looks like.  Too many people new to the game rely on information found online to determine what a property is worth.  Walk the house.  Walk the neighborhood.  Talk to neighbors and local tenants.  Get a pulse for the area.  Just get started walking and then you can run!