Wholesaler’s Page

Wholesalers Read This First

Thank you for your interest in working with us to wholesale our properties.  We are glad to work with wholesalers that have a proven track record of closing deals and aren’t simply tying up contracts to find a buyer.  Unfortunately, many wholesalers have given the business of wholesaling a bad name and we have not been immune to working with unprofessional individuals in this particular sector of investing.

We do not do assignable contracts, so this is not an avenue a wholesaler can pursue with our company.  In order to wholesale our deals, you MUST be able to do a double close and you will be required to put up a hard, non-refundable deposit.  We have been burned too many times and we will no longer work with a wholesaler unless they can abide by those requirements.  We appreciate your understanding and if you’re able to work in that capacity, we greatly look forward to working with you!