with Odell Barnes REO

Wholesaling with Odell Barnes REO provides a unique opportunity to make a profit. Here at OBREO, we have hand-selected REO and auction inventory that we feel will bring the most profit to any given area. Wholesalers can take advantage of that curated property list by marketing our properties in accordance with our guidelines.

How the Process Works:

  • We’ll provide a list of properties available for sale (properties located throughout the US)
  • You’ll market the property using the information provided to you by Odell Barnes REO.
  • You’ll be responsible for negotiating with your buyer.  
  • Once you find an interested party, you’ll work with them to submit the offer to us. You’ll serve as the point of contact for your buyer.
  • You’ll be paid via assignment fee, double-close, or you’ll be asked to submit an invoice. Payment arrangements are determined by the contract sales price and type of agreement.
  • Wholesalers may not place a property under contract until the offer is reviewed and accepted by Odell Barnes REO.
  • All properties will be cross-marketed until the property is sold.

All wholesale transactions must be completed in accordance with Odell Barnes REO Wholesaler Guidelines, which all wholesalers are required to review and sign before establishing a partnership.

Get Started

If you are interested in reviewing our Guidelines, or you would like to speak to us further about this opportunity, please reach out to John Leggett at [email protected]

Learn More

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of real estate wholesaling, Investopedia.com offers a great overview that you can read here.