Interested in Wholesaling?

Thank you for your interest in working with us to wholesale our properties. We are glad to work with wholesalers that have a proven track record of closing deals.

All wholesale transactions must be completed in accordance with Odell Barnes REO Wholesaler Guidelines. Properties must be marketed at the values provided. For cash sales, the wholesaler will complete a double-close. Profits from a cash contract will be managed in accordance with your wholesaler contract. Owner finance sales must use an Odell Barnes REO contract. For Owner Finance transactions only, payment will occur via assignment fee.

Please note, wholesalers may not place a property under contract until the offer is accepted by Odell Barnes REO. All properties will be cross-marketed until the property is sold.

If you are interested in reviewing our Guidelines, or you would like to speak to us further about this opportunity, please reach out to John Leggett at john@obreo.net