If you’re following our Instagram stories, you’ve likely seen some posts about   75 Hard and I thought it would be good to share some information on it with you.  I’m a big follower of the The MFCEO Project and Andy Frisella.  His teaching have helped me take my mindset and business to another level and now he’s challenged me with the 75 Hard Challenge.

What is 75 Hard?  It’s all about building mental toughness and bringing hyper-awareness to your weaknesses.  This is done by following this regimen for 75 days, without compromise:

  1. 2 work outs per day.  Each of which must be at least 45 minutes and one must be outdoors, no matter what.  If it’s pouring down rain, you get it done anyway.

  2. Read a minimum of 10 pages a day of a personal development book

  3. Drink 1 gallon of water a day

  4. No cheat meals and no alcohol

I’m currently 12 days into the program and I’m already seeing results in my mind and body.  The reason I did this challenge was to push myself like never before and to see just how much potential I’m leaving on the table.  It turns out, I’m leaving a lot on the table and I’m guessing you probably are too.  I’m pushing myself to quiet the inner bitch voice, but at the same time, I’m listening very closely to it.  You know that voice.  It’s that voice that tells you you need a bowl of ice cream at 10pm.  It’s that voice that tells you to hit the snooze button 5 times in the morning.  It’s that voice that tells you to skip that work out because it’s raining or cold outside.  It’s that voice that tells you Netflix and chill is a great idea.

I know that voice well, because I hear it daily.  What I’m getting to the bottom of is why I listen to that voice.  It’s a simple answer, it’s the path of least resistance.  Here’s what I’ve known in my heart for years, the path of least resistance gets us nowhere.  The fact of the matter is, that inner bitch voice has been drowning out the voice of my hear that tells me to crush  everything in my path and take souls.  Every single day in this 75 Hard challenge, I’m listening to that inner bitch voice carefully, and then silencing it a little more with the actions in the challenge.

At age 41, I realize that I’ve only got so much time left.  If the average life span is 78 years, that means I’ve only got 37 summers left in my life.  That’s less than I’ve already had and that’s a sobering thought.  Want an even more sobering thought?  My daughter is 4 years old.  Soon she’ll be involved in a bunch of school activities, sports and the like.  That means, I may only have 6 – 7 summers left with my daughter before she’s super busy.  That was a gut punch when I started thinking of time in that manner.  So what does this all mean and how does it relate to 75 Hard?  It means I’ve got to get my ass in gear.  I’ve got to do more with the time I’ve got.  I’ve got to push harder than ever before in my business, in my fitness and in my family life so that I can maximize that time.

If you want to know more about the 75 Hard Challenge and are ready to challenge yourself and develop your mental toughness, check out the podcast here:


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