If you follow our Facebook live videos or follow us on YouTube, you’ll hear me say this a lot; “I’m no guru”.  I’ve never looked at myself as someone that knows completely what they’re doing to where I’d think to put out a course of some sort to sell people a mentoring program of sorts.  It seems to be par for the course these days.  You don’t have to look far on Instagram or Facebook to see “experts” in just about everything.

Let me give you an example.  A couple of weeks ago, I attended a conference and was approached afterward by an expert on Instagram.  This person said that they could help me exponentially grow our Instagram following.  Now, I think Instagram is a great tool and I was intrigued by this opportunity.  Their offer was for a $999 course to teach me to grow my followers and engagement by 5 figures.  Seems reasonable so far, right?  Well, I did some homework on this person.  It wasn’t hard to find them on social media and guess what I found?  They had less than 300 followers on their personal and business page!

What’s the moral of this story?  Trust but verify.  Inspect what you expect.  If you’re looking for someone to teach you what to do in any area of life, make sure they’re good at it!  You wouldn’t get weight loss coaching from someone that’s obese, why would you get investing advice from someone that doesn’t actually own anything or isn’t closing a good amount of deals that you can verify?  If you want help, help yourself!  Consume everything when it comes to books, podcasts and videos.  These are all practically free and where I’ve learned the most.

Stop looking for the get rich quick solution.  There’s no such thing unless you win the lottery.  Start looking for the get rich for sure solution.  Stop giving internet marketers your money for something that brings no value whatsoever.  If you do happen to find programs that are solid, then do the work!  Stop falling for the shiny object syndrome.  Why do I say these things?  I’ve been there!  I’ve spent thousands on seminars, programs and coaching.  I took something away from all of it, but the most I learned came from things that were free.

Finally, if you want help from someone that’s doing well in the area you want to succeed in, you’ve got to bring them some sort of value.  Don’t just put your hand out and ask what they can do for you.  Instead, ask what you can do to help them!  Be of service!  You’ll automatically set yourself apart from the crowd of people that just want to take, take, take.

Be great!


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