The old saying that your network is your net worth is incredibly legitimate on so many levels.  Imagine if you’re hanging out with people with no goals, no ambition and no drive to do much of anything.  You will end up just like them if you sit in that circle long enough.  You’ll all have about the same level of income, the same level of net worth and the same level of goals.  I’ve found that those goals usually align with changing your state of mind with 12oz curls or some other substance.  If this is you and you’re reading this, it’s time to get obsessed with something else and change your network.

After attending the Think Realty event in Baltimore this past weekend, it was amazing to see the caliber of people that we were able to meet.  Not only did we meet some great investors, but we made some connections with entrepreneurs and people that could actually help us on some projects we’re working on.  When you put yourself out there to learn about what others do and educate them on what you do, how you can become resources for each other’s growth.

What’s important is that you learn the rules of networking.  Networking isn’t sales.  It’s not shoving your product or service down the throats of others.  It’s about being inquisitive and genuinely interested in what others do and seeing if you can help them along the way.  If you can do that, the law of reciprocation will bring you all you need in your business.  Master the art of networking and the sky will be the limit.  I recognize the challenge of being an introvert and it’s something you just have to push past.  It will become a muscle that you must exercise to develop.  Put yourself out there and see what happens!  Here are some great sources for learning to network:

Business Networking International (BNI) www.BNI.com

Book:  Networking Like a Pro – Ivan Mizner

Book:  Networking for People That Hate Networking – Devora Zack

Book:  Little Black Book of Connections – Jeffrey Gitomer

If you’d like to network with us, you can find us here: