So many people want to be real estate investors and figure, “hey, I’ll give this a try and see what happens.” Those people will always fail. If you’re just simply “thinking about getting into real estate”, my advice would be don’t bother. You’re either in, or you’re out. You’ve got to commit, or you’ll walk as soon as it gets challenging and believe me, it will.
The investors that succeed are the ones that go all in and take massive amounts of action every day. They’re the ones that invest in themselves via education and networking. They wake up daily and take massive amounts of action to meet their goals.  Execution is the driver of all major levels of success.
How do you get started? You take action. You commit to your education and sign up for a class. You go to REIA meetings. You learn your market. You build a network. You learn how to analyze a deal. You take all of that and take the biggest action of all; buy a deal. By the way, education doesn’t need to be expensive.  I’ve met people that have dropped $25-30k on education and never used it.  I’ve also met people that just use free resources like BiggerPockets to expand their knowledge and that kill it.  Also, deals don’t need to be expensive either. We buy deals all the time that are money makers for just $1,000.
In order for these action steps to work, they must have deadlines and you have to have accountability. Get yourself an accountability partner or a coach. Talk with them daily about your business. Tell them where you’re struggling. Tell them where you’re winning.  Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, so you’ve got to have a network of people that you can lean on when the struggle is getting tough to weather by yourself.
The bottom line here is just to get started. If you’ve been waiting for the world to be perfect, well you can sit there waiting like patients on a monument, because it will never happen. Get to work and get going and take some massive action today to get to where you want to be.  There is no yesterday, there is only today and the road in front of you.