Here is a list of our newest acquisitons available for purchase.  Give our office a call if you have an interest in any deals you see at 321-286-8253  Click on any of the addresses below for more information.

90 Evans St Binghamton, NY

2126 Colonial St SE Warren, OH

2304 14th St Vernon, TX

603 Oswalt Ave York, AL

3431-3433 N 4th St Milwaukee, WI

161 E 8th St El Dorado, KS

1725 Reynolds Rd Pinewood, SC

1702 Churchill Rd Girard, OH

1501 Willard Ave Rockford, IL

687 Buntyn St Memphis, TN

2306 E Princeton Ave Muncie, IN

1203 W Oak Lane Cir Mobile, AL





Office:  321-286-8253